Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 4
We did it!!! After getting the call from the dealership that our parts are in, we got straight to work. The first thing to do was to get the suspension back together so we could go for our first test drive. As soon as we put it on all fours, we just put the pedal to the metal and let it rip! This thing is super epic and we cant wait to get it all together! Thanks For Watching!!!!
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Rossville,GA 30741
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Song: Lvne - Tribes
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  • don earl
    don earl


  • Savaş Can Akdeniz
    Savaş Can Akdeniz

    S2000 turkey price 400.000 USD

  • Harith Syazwan
    Harith Syazwan

    Daihatsu Mira 😎

  • Harith Syazwan
    Harith Syazwan

    Daihatsu Racing mira....

  • Bighead B
    Bighead B

    I think the green one should be Billy’s and the red one for Simon. S2K bros😎😂 what do you guys think @goonzquad

  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock

    This truck is the optimise prime a true transformer love the look with out the rear bed but still looks cool with the bed and I liked it how your straightens her up super easy to instal parts on 👌 man I wish I had the chance to get some cool vehicles like you. Thanks for sharing your my favourite watched channel on SLtoos

  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock

    Dang this is cool ☺️ that was so easy to take bed off the truck aswell as the panels off the bed looking forward to this one and should match the s2000 look and go cruising together

  • Ondřej Smolka
    Ondřej Smolka

    Damn, 7:48 that song is super chill, similar vibe like "Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Souvenir"

  • Khais Mohammed
    Khais Mohammed

    Bro please built that s2000 really waiting to see that

  • YDc

    they never use torque wrench :D

  • Charliekart Racing
    Charliekart Racing

    If you guys have the parts car for the cop car use the hemi in the s2k

  • Slide Drifts
    Slide Drifts

    red s2k - k series swap oooor legit drift build

  • YouThought713

    S 2000 rebuild plzzzzzz seed motor to fix plz guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Cloud
    Chris Cloud

    @7:45 - @9:25 greatest montage on SLtoos EVER! just 2 brothers and their dad working on a truck

  • townhall05446

    The 10-speed is to have enough gears to keep the engine at the most efficient rpm's for gas mileage; not that it's an issue for the Raptor but they use that trans pretty much across the board now.

  • Mario OnCrxck
    Mario OnCrxck

    Wow, that literally the dealership near my house

  • King Jay
    King Jay

    15:51 the window crack even more 😂

  • Bryan Dettmer
    Bryan Dettmer

    Hellcat s2k js

  • Gamaliel Hernandez
    Gamaliel Hernandez

    Put a Hemi or a cummins in the S2K!!! Or that Lambo engine!!! Lol

  • Morné Herbst 8o
    Morné Herbst 8o

    Mad Mike difrt build on the s 2000

  • merchant joker
    merchant joker

    Well you did one thing right and got a Ford

  • David Kelm
    David Kelm

    eat eas gooed

  • K Brown
    K Brown

    17:46 lol the door cant even hold itself 🤣

  • angel ayala
    angel ayala

    Daang son that s2000 let’s get done turn it into money

  • angel ayala
    angel ayala

    Daang son you guys doing great job with truck

  • Shawn Hammack
    Shawn Hammack

    Must have alot of money to thro around.

  • JG Snave
    JG Snave

    Fords just don't excite me. Ram is the truck in 2021.

  • ATV Kawasaki 700
    ATV Kawasaki 700

    Oh dud ,oh dud ,oh dud😄😄😄

  • Donte Blair
    Donte Blair


  • Жизнь свиновода и мясника
    Жизнь свиновода и мясника


  • Jason Swift
    Jason Swift

    If your putting a new axle in it and brakes and pads make sure you calibrate the ABS sensor and re-calibrate the TPMS. That front ie-rod will need to be replaced you can't drive away with it bent and weakened! it is a safety hazard for you boys and other road users.

  • Jxrge Gxtierrez
    Jxrge Gxtierrez

    Rebuilt the motor & either turbo charge it or supercharger!!

  • Tobias Martin
    Tobias Martin

    s2000 ls swap lets go

  • Руслан Шпур
    Руслан Шпур

    Пацани тачка агонь . Успіху

  • justin abreu
    justin abreu

    Ls swap or j series swap with a hardtop.

  • Francer Angelo Leray
    Francer Angelo Leray

    I hope you guys make an offroad sports car, that would be so cool.💕 i really love your videos. So cooool🤗

  • Joshua Hernandez
    Joshua Hernandez

    Wide body s2000

  • Justin Lugo
    Justin Lugo

    I am highly interested in the red S2000 if your selling.

  • kevon ramson gaming
    kevon ramson gaming

    Why does Bernard so easily because there's no bed on the back

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M

    Full wide body and wing on the S2000 😍 DO IT lol

  • Ren

    no more drugs for Billy pls

  • Onuralp Aydınoğlu
    Onuralp Aydınoğlu

    You guys have to swap the hemi from the parts charger for the s2k.

  • Eric Alister
    Eric Alister

    There will always a daddy with their boys♥️

  • Hama Babany
    Hama Babany

    Put 2jz in s2000

  • Shawn M
    Shawn M

    Connor Murphy is that you?

  • Tom Rawlings
    Tom Rawlings

    Great to see your dad having such a great time.


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  • Mahdi Rageef
    Mahdi Rageef

    Why does it look the same as whistlindiesel’s blue F-150 but as a raptor😂

  • Quin Sutton
    Quin Sutton

    what ever happened to the custom super car you guys where going to do with the parts car lambo

  • DOHBOY58

    The boy yelled #yeeyee

  • Truck Dude80
    Truck Dude80

    u guys should upgrade the tires on the f450 to more meatier tires

  • Joachim Smedman
    Joachim Smedman

    Pro mechanics at 5:53😅

  • storm twine
    storm twine

    Should chop up the s2000, drop the hell cat motor in, cage it and build a Frankenstein drift cart

  • Yash Kotian
    Yash Kotian

    Hey just a small tip use some sorta wax and grease remover or a brake cleaner on the rotors because they are coated with oil to stop em frm rusting cuz it's bare iron especially the front rotors/brakes cuz it does like 70 to 80 % of the breaking

  • Nishal Ram
    Nishal Ram

    Please rebuild the S2000

  • Isaiahmcc

    You guys should do a J series swap in the S2000!

  • julian mares
    julian mares

    LS3 on that s2000 😂

  • Coebinator Games
    Coebinator Games

    why do they have to put a question in every one of their titles?

  • John Hansford
    John Hansford

    I have a 18 STX with the small V6 and twin turbos, and the electronic 10 speed tranny. It really MOVES, just the other day I was stuck in slow moving traffic, when that hole opened up for me I was right at 30MPH, I hit the gas kinda sharply and it broke traction !

  • Javier Aguilar
    Javier Aguilar

    How does The Back-up Camera work if they took off the bed

  • John hobbs
    John hobbs

    Goonzquad, the rear axle isn’t a posi. If you had a posi rear axle both tires would spin in the same direction.

  • Caleb Wooldridge
    Caleb Wooldridge

    Twin turbo LS swap

  • David Pope
    David Pope

    Was I the only one notice the window crack extend when he closed door?

  • GHOST0766

    Love to see pops so involved with the builds

  • Dimi

    2 door s2000 like there's a 4door 😂😂

  • Jeffrey Lyons
    Jeffrey Lyons

    Oh my... dude Hahahahaha

  • Mrigz 27
    Mrigz 27

    *Rebuild the S2000!!!* 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 *Like if u agree!!!!*

  • Boss Buick
    Boss Buick

    i wonder if you tied their hand behind them could they still talk ?

  • Chump Change Outdoors
    Chump Change Outdoors

    Love my 2020 F150 too.

  • milan wauters
    milan wauters

    1:54 he stronk man

  • Crow Zombie
    Crow Zombie

    Remember to cold start your other cars

  • FiRetraiL

    Waiting 4 Audi

  • NoIdea456

    15:50 when he shuts the door and the glass shattered more 😂

  • Johnny Haberny
    Johnny Haberny

    “ infotainment center” you can definitely tell they are from Tennessee😂🤣

  • Jay420r

    I spy a bud leaf on a guitar lol

  • Horsepower Killer
    Horsepower Killer

    Love it when pops is there to help plus I am so happy to be back into car content

  • Juan C
    Juan C

    Shoutout pops

  • Arturo Rojas
    Arturo Rojas

    Put a gen3 5.0 coyote with the 10 speed transmission on that s2000 👌🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • avg


  • Casey Kesman
    Casey Kesman

    Definitely should ls swap the red s2000

  • Thomas Hamm
    Thomas Hamm

    Bring that S2000 back to life!

  • Jason pfarr
    Jason pfarr

    Build a miata cart they are like oversized go-karts.

  • mr machinist
    mr machinist

    God those v6s sound disgusting.

  • mr machinist
    mr machinist

    Nice to see young fellas wrenchin without gloves on. Real men, good onnya

  • Eric Rodriguez
    Eric Rodriguez

    ecoboost 3.5 the LS2000

  • Levi Stadeli
    Levi Stadeli

    I’ve got a 2021 f150 XLT for work and it is super nice. Told my boss that it was too nice for me. Lots of tech in these new rigs

  • Kayden Poling
    Kayden Poling

    not to hate but ford needs to step up their game why would you make a truck called the power boost but put a smaller engine in it than what's in my minivan the F 150 echo boost has a 3.5L V6 and my minivan got a 4.0L V6 like really i understand that my van dont got a turbo but damn thats a tiny engine for a big truck

  • Vlad Turlak
    Vlad Turlak

    You guys should 2jz swap the s2000

  • Lade's Eddy
    Lade's Eddy's nice to see Thomas...........................................

  • USAF99

    Gentlemen-- awesome video, as always. Word to the wise though, and for future reference-- never re-use ubolts to put an axle back in. The metal was stressed at the factory and then stressed again when you tightened it back down. Never a good idea. Cheap insurance to make sure your axle stays where its supposed to live!

  • Bob D
    Bob D

    Boys, Your not going to leave that nasty backing plate on, are you? I think you might have to pull the axle again to change it The bolt for the leaf spring is put that way so it wont pierce the gas tank should they contact. You guys should consider buying a nitrogen plastic welder. we used a Polyvance at work, I put bumpers back together, headlight tabs, ect. If it was plastic you could rebuild it. It was a few grand but paid for itself the first month. A hot stapler to hold it together before welding helps

  • Seshi

    My mind thinks of it always do you guys sell these? If yes am happy to buy one from you🤔

  • Buğra Kağan Yalili
    Buğra Kağan Yalili

    do a 2jz s2k make people cry when they see that suckers tail lights :D

  • Adam Lindstrom
    Adam Lindstrom

    23:22 gotta love the sync ups! “Ohhhh my goodness dude” 😂

  • Cam cox
    Cam cox

    You guys should do a car giveaway

  • tdclymore

    DOOD drinking game is on!!!!!!

  • M

    Put the Hellcat on AirLift Performance after the Widebody

  • Carl Bergström Norrevångskolan
    Carl Bergström Norrevångskolan

    Great work dudes!

  • DJ Chapperz
    DJ Chapperz

    The Twin S2000s , Driven By The Two Brothers 🔥

  • Tyler Holler
    Tyler Holler

    6.0lq4 or 6.0lq9 swap the s2000