Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 12
Round 2 in the paint booth!!! We finally got the entire bed of this truck sprayed in and man it turned out beautiful. This means we can now focus on just the entire cab which will make the painting process a bit easier. We are super excited to be at this stage and after its painted its going completely back together! Cant wait to show you guys what we have planned after this! Its going to be super epic!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Christian Morriswilliams
    Christian Morriswilliams

    Eagles are babies compared to seagulls in Alaska. I little known fact. Seagulls mess with eagles there like they are light weights

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    Good God now he's breeding...

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    James Meehan

    Are y’all self taught or did y’all take automotive repair in a tech school. Both of ya do one heck of a job, y’all don’t cut corners and y’all do it right. In the end it looks like a brand new car/truck. Are you selling any of the vehicles y’all repaired in the past. Y’all gonna have one heck of an inventory if yous decided to open up a car lot to sale them off. Lol cause it looks like y’all running out of room to park any of them in the yard there

  • James Meehan
    James Meehan

    😂 this baby right here don’t cry, she’s making bald eagle sounds 😂

  • Prem Bangera
    Prem Bangera

    We want you to swap your pops old trucks engine with the parts cop car

  • Vic F
    Vic F

    yooo I think thats the first time I've heard your name

  • Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling Stauffer

    As soon as I pressed on the video I was like "Daaaang Son Simeon's an Uncle!"

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    Georgijs Kļaviņš

    Track @ 2:00?

    • Georgijs Kļaviņš
      Georgijs Kļaviņš

      nvm, found it Rap Venom - Denver City Beats


    Keep the doors closed.

  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock

    Dangggg son you sped though that painting 👌 awesome

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    Leeton McIntosh

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    Esam Junaid

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    muhd muhaimin

    is that fried rice?? 16:00

  • Ivan

    13:18 i think he was going to say “that’s just how they paint there shit” but corrected himself to Vehicle😂

  • djsonicc

    That baby's first word will be "duuuuuudeee"


    Boys.. Would like to see a road legal rally car build.. With G-Squad decals et al..

  • Kingg SaySo.
    Kingg SaySo.

    That office looks awesome. I was waiting to see what you would do. You guys always amaze and inspire me. I will be making a SLtoos and TikTok on my experience on fixing smart phones. I am new to it and I believe that will bring a different look into my experience and knowledge. Keep up the good work guys I’m proud of you

  • DailyDrivenJeep

    Are none of your cars registered? No plates on anything

  • Christian Ludwig
    Christian Ludwig

    This my favorite raptor video yet. I like watching all the body work but DANG that paint job really made it come together. It’s a perfect match too. Great stuff guys.

  • Tony Hash
    Tony Hash

    Is it me or does the driver side rear door have some body problems at the bottom? Why is this not fixed yet?

  • Charles Eballa
    Charles Eballa

    Cute baby

  • Mike Pedicini
    Mike Pedicini

    After what 5 or 6 years we have finally heard the name of the other brother. That's impressive u kept it hidden that long man.

  • Gotenham

    Dude that sanding montage was so sick, awesome editing!

  • TheNon-VapingSubie

    Day 9 of asking the goonzquad to put a spoon hardtop on the s2000

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    Artem Novotarskiy

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    Anthony Spinelli

    Beautiful Family...super adorable baby! Congrats on the newborn!

  • mohamedchaudhry8

    LOVE THE FAMILY. pops especially. all going great work

  • RealOneThreeSevens

    Truck is lookin amazing! Y'all are wizards

  • Duane’s W9 Garage
    Duane’s W9 Garage

    What about Carbon Fiber Wrap?

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    Ali Yılmaz

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  • How Fast
    How Fast

    22:31 I see Billy with the new born and I think... Don't flip it.. don't flip it!

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    hobenson cenatus

    Love the 150 raptor

  • Vishal Godse
    Vishal Godse

    Hello Goonzquad, please make a rebuild video on “Plymouth Prowler”.

  • Edward Hillman
    Edward Hillman

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  • Tanner Playz
    Tanner Playz

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  • Wang Hung
    Wang Hung

    Why this guy always clasping his hands together when he talks. Does it give him more verbal power?

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    Darin Konecny

    Think you guys have been hacked ...

  • Arii

    Hi there im watching from Melbourne Australia, Whose baby is it? Am addicted to watching these guys do an awesome job!!👍 keep up the good work and thanks for the entertainment.

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      The new arrival is the child of the Goonzquad sister and her husband, who produce the 'Fat Finger Foods' SLtoos Channel.

  • Jax Moran
    Jax Moran

    Pops really like the ford ranger

  • Denise Navara
    Denise Navara

    Hey guys I think someone has hacked your facebook account. Posting video that has nothing to do with you.

  • Eric Albertson
    Eric Albertson

    Wow you guys have been really opening up with the family, cool to see!

  • Yo Joe
    Yo Joe

    Perfect trash

  • Ralph Remy
    Ralph Remy

    Are you guys gonna fix that dent in driver side back door. 😊

  • saulns

    Just got caught up on the Cookie Monster build. Great job boys. Keep it up

  • Philip Smith
    Philip Smith

    Wait.... What? Did the bed of truck get painted before the cab & doors? Confusing story as you two were saying, you just off loaded the truck earlier in the day, after bringing it back from the paint booth. Yesterdays video shows truck getting painted.

  • DCoop1207

    You guys should make pops old ranger a build everyone like if you agree

  • vlad montana
    vlad montana

    Hey goonzquad I need the blue hoodie in large size let me know if you have any 🤪

  • Lee Mize
    Lee Mize

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    Shane Neely

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    ELD 55

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  • Joey Mazzio
    Joey Mazzio

    Hey goonzsquad you guys missed some damage on the driver side rocker panel just wanna let you know before you paint the whole truck it’s under the driver side rear door and I love the content it’s amazing I’m taking a auto body class in Virginia rn thanks for being a big inspiration

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      @Joey Mazzio OK no problem bro!😁

    • Joey Mazzio
      Joey Mazzio

      @John Stedman o ok I didn’t remember my bad

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Goonzquad previously discussed that damage during Episode One of the current series on the Raptor, at timestamp 14:44 onwards. They have already purchased a new driver's side rear cab door from Ford and intend to fit it soon, while also repairing the dented rocker panel which is visible when the door is open.

  • yodaistheone

    You boys need to do a classic American muscle car for your next build. I Have noticed that people on youtube love them and us old timers always want more of them. Love from a longtime subscriber and fan from South Africa.

  • Igor Orlov
    Igor Orlov

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    Red Fish

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    Vee B

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    Ron JL White

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    • Georgijs Kļaviņš
      Georgijs Kļaviņš

      Rap Venom - Denver City Beats, though it is some kind of remix (maybe trap), if you manage to find please let me know cuz I could not

  • Chad Morris
    Chad Morris

    Awww so sweet we got to know some of the family. Me & my wife was saying here comes Uncle Simeon. ❤️ to the Family.

  • Fords4life 91
    Fords4life 91

    Thats how all trucks peel... if u buff it,it turns into showtruck finish!

  • Fords4life 91
    Fords4life 91

    Build the danger ranger and put a raptor fiberglass front end on it with dodge tow mirrors lol

  • Skiridr22

    Congrats to mama & poppa Simon on the new addiction to the Goonzquad family. 👍🏾👍🏾

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Simeon is unmarried. The new arrival is the child of the Goonzquad sister and her husband, who present the 'Fat Finger Foods' SLtoos Channel.

  • Skiridr22

    WOW! that came out beautiful OEM baby.

  • Cap2c 1
    Cap2c 1

    Are they messing with everyone by not saying anything about the damage to the bottom of the rear driver side door?

  • Zander Human
    Zander Human

    Just remember to repair the left passanger door on the bottom

  • Robin

    Wondering if you guys are not gonna fix the driver side rear door 🤔

  • Kersachi

    Goonzquad : it’s 6 o’clock Also Goonzquad : it’s the end of the day !

  • Joe Rider
    Joe Rider

    Am I crazy or have I been looking at a Dent on the driver side passenger door on the bottom of the door there 🤷🏻‍♂️ I swear I been staring at a dent down there thinking.. are they gonna leave that ? 😂 don’t leave it pls lolol

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      The driver's side rear door and the rocker behind it were already damaged when Goonzquad purchased the Raptor. They commented on it in Episode One of the series at timestamp 14:44 onwards. They have bought a new door from Ford and will be repairing the rocker, and then will be able to complete the painting of the driver's side. Only the finishing of the hood and a small repair on the lower passenger side grille surround should then remain to be done as far as bodywork is concerned.

  • John Tinkler
    John Tinkler

    He said his name for the first time

  • QMANN !
    QMANN !

    Nice Viper and that GMC pickup

  • Family cool 99
    Family cool 99

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    hi I am your audience from Indonesia. please make subtitles for Indonesian. thank you

  • Dave C.
    Dave C.

    Its a ford with orange peel? All factory paint jobs have orange peel. Ive never seen any new car that didn't have orange peel. Dont knock ford when all manufacturers have orange peel in oem paint

  • *Batlirious *
    *Batlirious *

    guys made me want to save up more for a raptor

  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta

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  • Matti Virta
    Matti Virta

    truck not newer need buff, waste only time if buffing this shit. truck have work car and no need be perfect or good, only have paint and ok. not rust. this have only important, and aluminium body no matter paitn or not no rust newer.

  • Jeff Michael
    Jeff Michael

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    Jody Armenta

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    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      The new arrival is the child of the Goonzquad sister and her husband, who produce the 'Fat Finger Foods' SLtoos Channel.

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    Carl Johnson

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    Manus mj

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    anthony stevens

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    terry reeves

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    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Most are kept for the Goonzquad collection, but some are sold.

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    t rob

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  • Cloud Ryse
    Cloud Ryse

    I know this has nothing to do with the video but I’m desperate at this point . I won a auction on a 2019 mustang gt . To swap the motor and everything into my dads car . This is my first experience with Copart . I got the car home and realized it was stripped . Rear end gone transmission and motor aren’t even the same . Has a gen 1 sitting in it nothing bolted down but the put the front back together to make it look the same . Copart bought it back from them I’m assuming and they stripped and swapped motor and trans . They didn’t put it in facts or anything . So now I’m stuck 6-$8k in this car and have no idea what to do now

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      If you have approached Copart, have explained the situation in writing to an appropriate senior person there, and they are not willing to take the vehicle back and refund what you paid, you will need to take legal advice. Your rights depend on the details of the contact between yourself and Copart, how the vehicle was described by the seller, whether you took reasonable steps to confirm that the vehicle was suitable for your purposes before buying it, and the Consumer Protection Law in the jurisdiction where the sale occurred. Copart and similar auction businesses generally defend themselves strongly against claims such as you may have, since they argue in Court that their vehicles are of a 'salvage' nature which are sold 'with defects', 'without warranty' and 'as is', and that the principle of 'buyer beware' applies. In this case, it appears that you did not inspect the vehicle before bidding and did not inspect it when you collected it from the auction site, which may weaken your legal position since either inspection would probably have revealed the problems you mention.

  • Willard Thomas
    Willard Thomas

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    araz al mandlaoy

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    Julio C Huerta

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  • Ducati John-1
    Ducati John-1

    What ever happened to the blow up paint booth? How about the Jeep? That looked like a fast fun project. Last question is the baby Billy’s? You have a nice family.

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