Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 6
It'd fixed!!! The biggest damage of this 2019 Ford Raptor has been repaired! This quarter panel piece turned out to be a bit of an easier task than we thought. After we found out that the aluminum panel was in fact weldable we got a good buddy of ours to help us get it sparked in. Vasily builds was a huge help and we couldn't have got this done without him. Cant wait to move onto the next step of this process!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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    When will you guys Finnish the helicopter

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    Keeping Gzsquad waiting uh uh!


    Dude the fact that they even have a helicopter too blows my mind 😂 these guys know how to fix anything

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    Chef Antonio Tate

    Hello, my name is Antonio Tate, Owner of Mr. Beast in Chattanooga. So excited you guys stopped by and hope you loved it! My son just told me about you guys so excited to follow your channel!

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    Jalapeno Pixar

    12:18 Goonzqua discovers the definition of a ghost kitchen. This means that popular people like Mr.Beast rent kitchens that are very well equipped but don't have many customers (cause of pandemic) to make his recipes, Mr.Beast gets a cut and the ghost kitchen gets a cut meaning both could stay open.

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    I kind of wish they'd do more engine work. Like rebuilding an engine or even transmission. No hate though...these guys are incredible and I love their videos

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    goonzquad is the biggest reason i started learning how to fix cars, back in 2018-2019 i was binge watching john hicks bmx videos trying the be more active and fit in life, and they're kit car and lamborghini build came up in the recommendation i instantly got hooked and binged watch. My whole life i was always interested in fixing and modding cars even through highschool but always thought it was too hard and unrealistic not realizing i was limited by my own mindset, i vividly remember when i watched the lamborghini series i told myself if these dudes can rebuild a wrecked lamborghini then maybe i could build small decent project car nothin crazy. keep in mind i knew absolutely nothing about cars didnt know how internal combustion worked, didnt know how to change oil, didnt even know why they were necessary to change it, it was embarassing. It wasnt till i bought my riced out base model rsx i actually started getting into it, it had a body kit, nice wheels, cat and muffler delete (sounded like a loud trumpet), i thought it was the coolest thing ever which is why i impulsively bought it, didnt know the amount of attention i would get at grocery store parking lots when real car guys come up to me to conversate about cars and i was embarrassed cuz i would have no idea what they were talking about, but my breaking point was when oil shops didnt have enough clearance for me to go thru and it wasnt even unreasonably low or slammed just flush fitment, then i would have intermittent problems which have left me stranded a few times and repair shops couldnt help me because they couldnt recreate those inconsistent symptoms to diagnose. when covid and lockdown happened I decided to dedicate myself, start from the beginning and lock myself in my room spending countless hours reading and watching educational automotive content. i was surprised at how quickly i learned and even started gathering my dads tools which wernt much like a socket set and screwdrivers. One day i was watching goonzquad and adam lz's 240sx came up in my recommendation, i fell in love with that car and i just had to have it but i already had an rsx i lacked to maintain so i was discouraged. Also learning the only realistic way of getting one was buying a beater and restoring it. I felt overwhelm and felt i had no business trying to restore one, but it took me back months prior when i watched the lamborghini build and told myself if they could rebuild a wrecked lamborghini i dont see why i shouldnt be able to do this car. Thats when i pulled the trigger and drove 500 miles to missouri with my buddy to get one. It was actually the perfect car to learn on as everything was easy to access and it was super simplistic 4cyl engine. I learned what tools i needed and build up my collection and got a donor car to swap the engine in, i was learning as i go, learning when i wasnt getting hands on and i progressed way more then i could ever imagined. Its kinda dramatic to say it changed my life but in a way it did cuz i took on trade skills and became a handyman that helped alot of people with car troubles. Really it was the lamborghini build that led a chain of events fast forwarding to a couple years later, i have a lincoln welder, a toolcart, quickjack lifts, completely remodeled my garage before it was cluttered and used for storage, Restored a nissan 240sx and even built a wire harness. The car is running and going great, just needs paintjob and will boost it at somepoint. im able to maintain mine and my familys car now with ease and have the most confidence to tackle most builds. Its a long story but they mentioned about motivating people to do projects in there garages in this video not knowing they played the biggest role in my investment of skills as a human being and the impact i was able to make within my own community in michigan like saving people from getting stranded.

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    • John Stedman
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      The Goonquad Military Vehicle is parked on the grass about 40 feet to the northeast of the 'Original Goonquad Garage' in Rossville, Georgia, and was clearly visible in the background of two of the recent episodes of the Raptor project.

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    Hey, back in the video where you did the rear axle shaft did you put the Ford friction modifier in the rear differential? If not I highly recommend doing so, I had a 2006 that the bearings went bad in had them replaced, but only used the Lucas synthetic gear oil and within a year the limited slip clutch plates were shot and binding up. I tried to use some off the shelf from AutoZone, but the rear end was already to far gone. Had good bearings and didn't whine like before, but turning corners it bound up and made a lot of popping sounds. Not saying lucas is bad oil it just doesn't have the proper friction modifier in it.

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