The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 91
It feels good to finally be back in the states after a little time off!!! We are super excited to finish this house up 100% and all we have left is just a few little things. This project has been an amazing experience and the mods are endless. Our main goal is to pass the final inspection and then were back to some car content full time! Cant wait to show y'all the end result!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
-Zipup Ceiling:
-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741
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Song: DayFox - Kyte High (Instrumental)
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  • Go Leafs Go
    Go Leafs Go

    Love the shower stall and bathroom guys. Super great choices of tile finishes etc. it looks amazing. Nice work and again great choices in materials and finishes. Wow not just mechanics are we? LOL 😆 🤣

  • Coconut so yummy
    Coconut so yummy


  • Christian Loechel
    Christian Loechel

    Where is the doberman puppy???

  • Sean Ziegler
    Sean Ziegler

    dude man. dude dude dude maaaannn.. lol

  • Patriot Reno
    Patriot Reno

    Stop, Listen you guys ask for comments, ok again you need to seal that wood that whole deck you need to seal it or paint it should have built it out of TREX. Seal it paint it or it will rot and fall down. Five years unprotective and it will look like a piece of crap ready to fall down if not sealed. And you will need to reduce it.

  • Mishka7v7

    install a ceiling fan downstairs patio

  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock

    Dang this is super awesome 😎 loving the look of the chilling pad right there you should defianlty have a waterfall on the side of that would look super sick or even a water fountain feature like a fall 😊 man I have loved this episode look at all the things now it’s all came together

  • Knight Swarm
    Knight Swarm

    Please could you guys reseed the backyard embankment with grass seed again. it was one of the first things you guys did at the house and ive been watching it grow since then, each time you guys go to the backyard i check on it to see how its doing. Currently its not looking good and will totally transform the back when it grows.

  • Жизнь свиновода и мясника
    Жизнь свиновода и мясника


  • Sherry Hollenbeck
    Sherry Hollenbeck

    Dark colored plumbing metal piping would work and be sturdy to hold the lighting, and could even be installed a little higher up.

  • Paul Caul
    Paul Caul

    You guys should paint the poles the same dark grey that you guys used for the trim and stain the patio like a mahogany brown it would look sick

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith

    I’ve been watching these guys since the mustang I haven’t missed on episode

  • Stan Giles
    Stan Giles

    Bathroom door opens wrong way. What gooners

  • Stan Giles
    Stan Giles

    A pooh with a view, isn't going to pass code, at least not in my county

  • Haveshnevah

    I can't get enough of all these videos. So fun to catch up!

  • Stan Giles
    Stan Giles

    Still no path way or edging on lawn

  • Stan Giles
    Stan Giles

    Water not draining in the shower very well

  • Stan Giles
    Stan Giles

    Yeah, can see right into shower from the trailer. What a super gooner job

  • Getcell

    Ohhhhhhh no. The boring videos come back 🙄🙄

  • AH graFX
    AH graFX

    I'm curious do you guys just not beleive in covid?

  • Ayush Sundar
    Ayush Sundar

    7:38 why did it say Simon on the glass

  • Alfred Magnusson BA19C Herrgårdsgymnasiet
    Alfred Magnusson BA19C Herrgårdsgymnasiet

    pond uppdate?

  • Mr P
    Mr P


  • SDMF_1

    Vtuned builds cars.

  • mfowler15

    As a shower door installer I thought it was funny to see some of the tools that my company only just started using but also being able to recognize the company that supplied the glass to the installers

  • Cliff Neves
    Cliff Neves

    sorry the bathrooms are really generic.

  • Brunotisk


  • Brew G4
    Brew G4

    You guys have made that house look amazing

  • David Tremblay
    David Tremblay

    ok lets say it guy glass shower window is always to see the wify take a shower

  • JFal* Will
    JFal* Will

    Hi guys. Whatever happened to their new little dog Chief ????

  • Barkanelli ChasingDreams
    Barkanelli ChasingDreams

    They plan longterm. Now they have headquarters, can build more there. They got the other property where they will have a warehouse/shop. They work hard and share everything. They will take on the while journey:)

    • Barkanelli ChasingDreams
      Barkanelli ChasingDreams

      Will share everything with us and more build will come. Having bigger business means more other things and permits is needed.

  • Hilda Serrano
    Hilda Serrano

    You should buy a old school car and make it nice or cool

  • DeTuned Art
    DeTuned Art

    12:21 well disco shower now I've seen it all.... hope U don't get electrocuted xD

  • Red__ JDM
    Red__ JDM

    Being in the illuminati must be nice 👍🏻

  • Pepper405 O
    Pepper405 O

    I just found your channel and you two are so delightful! Smart and very talented, keep up your awesome job, and thank you!

  • Alex The Great
    Alex The Great


  • Barkanelli ChasingDreams
    Barkanelli ChasingDreams

    Thats some super weird shit! I checked yesterday the amount of times videos is played and it Said 620 900 000 times. Now it is in the 500 millions, what os happening?

  • belami007

    "Now We know, now You know, the link is gonna be down below" :D Nice one!

  • Johnny Luther
    Johnny Luther

    Nice edit symon 😁👻 is that spelling correct ?

    • Johnny Luther
      Johnny Luther

      Sorry for spelling mistake

    • Johnny Luther
      Johnny Luther

      Opz simon is correct know, I saw it in galss finally 😁😁, Im huge fan of you from sri lanka 🇱🇰

  • spitzndtruth 1
    spitzndtruth 1

    Lads should be proud of yourselves and your family.. coming from a dysfunctional family it is refreshing seeing family work together! shows what can be achieved. As for the haters complaints re long house building segment well I wish it were longer and has added variety and value to the channel! Well done can't wait for what's next for Goonsquad! Respect from Australia

  • Cesar Munoz
    Cesar Munoz

    Im gonna miss the house building vodeos hope to get house updates every once in a while

  • Gray Filtered
    Gray Filtered

    I promise you guys , this is the last video .

  • Horsepower Killer
    Horsepower Killer

    Now get someone to CERAMIC COAT THE GLASS DOORS waterspots will never exist

  • Martin Hayward
    Martin Hayward

    Water will be dripping through that decking everywhere

  • LazerShaun

    sorry i forgot for years to sub sorry :( but love your awesome video's when u ganna go camping???

  • LazerShaun

    SLtoos If u see this please verify this awesome people

  • Kristen Buttazzoni
    Kristen Buttazzoni


  • The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7
    The Rx7 roadie BURPLE RX7

    Be prepared for a lot of cleaning, got to squeegee that glass and tile after every use or you will get watermarks everywhere

  • Jason Hovey
    Jason Hovey

    You guys should trim out the post so they look finished like everything else.

  • Mark Fiedler
    Mark Fiedler

    Hey guy nice work

  • iShocksonTV

    Still waiting for a pond from The Pond Guy. The collab would be epic for both channels.. Let's get some likes GoonGang so they will see this!! 🙈

  • carl fxi
    carl fxi

    17:19 why don't you be a bit more dangerous and stand over the saw a bit more with freshly waxed ski's on instead of crocs with those makeshift pieces of slippery plastic on a stone floor

  • Joe Viljoen
    Joe Viljoen

    Now i would get some roll op canvas with zippers and close up that back patio for the winter.

  • 4kGaming Channel
    4kGaming Channel

    I would put a RGB light strip across the deck so when it does rain and the water fall effect happens it will look colorful adding to Emerson

  • DemoScottGaming Lounge
    DemoScottGaming Lounge

    Y’all should put a string of industrial like Xmas lights underneath the patio that are meant to be outside Also btw if you want more smart lighting like you know some lights around the driveway you end up doing philips hue has a couple systems that are outdoor systems you can do! Here’s some of their products

  • michael nnielsen
    michael nnielsen

    I would like too com and see al off yours builds and your house 🏠

  • malcolm searle
    malcolm searle

    Hi Guys, what happened to your Doberman? Haven't seen him for a long time

  • barney south
    barney south

    Here is an idea for that big screen tv on the patio that you keep talking about, Home Depot has this on there web site so check it out.Outdoor TV Hard Cover Weatherproof Protection 55-65 in. Television Mounting Bracket Included by Storm Shell , this thing is a bit pricey but will completely enclose a 65" tv.

  • JC


  • Hh Gg
    Hh Gg

    18:46 real question is, is it spider proof

  • Devin Mizelle
    Devin Mizelle

    I love these guys but I feel like they fake their accent for some reason.

  • El canal de Juliana infantil
    El canal de Juliana infantil

  • Chris Stevens
    Chris Stevens

    Ida waited to do that under roofing. Inspector will want to see how that deck is attached to the house, I noticed your lags were too long, and you didn’t stagger them.

  • Adrian y Carolina Flores
    Adrian y Carolina Flores

    Love it best of vibes to all u 🙏👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • FlashyThaDon

    Glass guy is super awsome great vibe

  • William Berenji
    William Berenji

    Where is that Audi?

  • Zachary

    The glass said Simon? Wonder why 🤔 😉

  • Edilson Carneiro
    Edilson Carneiro

    👍🤜🤛👏👏ficou show a casa

  • Aidan Castle
    Aidan Castle

    The idiotic certification arguably clear because cheque holly peel than a yummy save. glamorous, lopsided art

  • ElBoricua 03
    ElBoricua 03

    Y’all should put led lights under the balcony’s rails

  • Philip Altherr
    Philip Altherr

    Y'all definitely gotta paint those vertical supports for the deck. Paint em that same Dark Grey color like the trim on the house. It'd look suuuuper good!!

  • MattsArchive

    Ya'll should consider creating splinter channels instead of having house and car content on one channel, at least for future projects. You might be able to generate parallel ad revenue and also not dilute your content streams/brand in the event you do more non-car related videos down the line.

  • Jarred

    Part of me wishes y'all would paint those posts on that back patio. Paint or stain them a darker color would look sweet!

  • Jimf

    do you forsee any mold issued between the deck and backside of the roof system?

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Mould usually flourishes in areas which have no ventilation, and in this case there are gaps between the deck planks which should allow some air to circulate. There is also a gap at the outer underside edge of the deck. The concern with these PVC roof linings is that they may warp and hold water, since the drainage fall across the deck is not really adequate.

  • tonyp505hay

    Is it just me or is the electrician slacking? How hard is it to get some covers. I carry many different types of them on the truck. I would be pissed to be waiting on a inspection, because someone has not installed light switch covers.

  • AyyyIts P.A.
    AyyyIts P.A.


  • mike oswald
    mike oswald

    In the shower, music playin' on the light/speaker, hey wait! It's B J Thomas, Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head 😉

  • fuck face
    fuck face

    7:40 you can see the one of the brothers name on the glass

    • fuck face
      fuck face

      @John Stedman yeah and their last name is drevenchuk

  • Shawn Richardson
    Shawn Richardson

    Maybe a bobcat, Servel, Caracal cat would be a cool cat lol. The Egyptians used to worship the Caracal.

  • DH rides
    DH rides

    You guys should have a sponsorship with crocs , made me go out and get me a pair

  • Vic Vlogs
    Vic Vlogs

    I though we were done with with stupid house videos. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • 2902josh

    You guys should start another channel for renovating houses I really like the cars and houses

  • Jesse Keefe
    Jesse Keefe

    Hopefully a helpful tip.. don't waste your money on an "outdoor TV"... they are triple the price and their picture quality is not great. I used a normal 65" Samsung TV and got a nice fleece lined cover and let it sit all winter outside. Worked like a champ. Plus, if it goes bad, it's just another TV instead of the expensive outdoor ones.

  • Jimmy T
    Jimmy T

    Why would anyone give a thumbs down? I guess they hate the positivity?

  • Pete78

    Very,very good job guys! Big thumbs up!!👌👍✌😊😇

  • Daemon Avery
    Daemon Avery

    Wrap those post and paint them to blend into the house.

  • Strike Eagle
    Strike Eagle

    That ceiling looks like a reservoir waiting to fill up 💥

  • Frank Fagundes
    Frank Fagundes

    great work the only thing I will say about the patio is I would of went all the way to end of the house


    Dude show us ur military rig truck dude miss it

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      The converted Military Truck is parked just to the north of the 'Original Goonzquad Garage' (beside their parents' house) and was briefly seen in the background during the recent episode featuring the Raptor.

  • rgbigdog

    Them chairs need some padding/cushions. I mean come on man you have the money for a upgrade on them chairs.

  • rgbigdog

    Black grout is the wrong call, it looks like black mold.

  • Keith Walker
    Keith Walker

    you guys need to wrap the 4x4 post In the same color as the ceiling.... Very good job

  • Austin Halderman
    Austin Halderman

    Does anyone kniw what the music is

  • patrick water
    patrick water

    “Dude them crocs suck. April fools! Them crocs are awesome!” that was the most goonzquad thing they’ve ever said. 😂

  • Majdi x3
    Majdi x3

    Please add an Arabic language for translation

  • Stephen Fletcher
    Stephen Fletcher

    sorry guys i admire your 500K views on a video 1 day old but i’m getting bored of your videos. bring back the shop builds

  • Richard Strauss
    Richard Strauss

    Just a heads up, be careful where you put your grill. The upward heat will distort the vinyl.

  • Lewis Carrillo
    Lewis Carrillo

    Looking nice great work guys

  • Andrew Joseph
    Andrew Joseph

    You guys need to paint the patio so that it ties in with the colour of the house. Looking the goods though 🤙🏻🤙🏻

  • Carly W Cyrus
    Carly W Cyrus

    "Now we know Now you know The link is gonna be down below" Im cooking some beat for you guys