Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 11
We finally got some paint down!!! After welding up the quarter panel and doing a bunch of bodywork we finally made it to the best part of the rebuilding process. First thing we start with is to spray all of the jams and then the whole entire thing will be ready to paint here soon. We are super excited to be at this stage and before you know it, well be ready for some sick mods! Cant wait to show y'all what we have!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • vladizlatko

    Great video guys, as always. Keep up the good work 👍🏼

  • MegaDirtyberty

    Your velcome.

  • cutely chelsea
    cutely chelsea

    here from name name

  • Desert ZO6
    Desert ZO6

    Do all your cars have a license plates? Are they registered? How is it you drive all these different cars with no plate?

  • good XD
    good XD

  • Johnny Little
    Johnny Little

    left rear door and rocker panel? its bent, aren't you going to fix that?

  • Sat Sonic
    Sat Sonic

    That F450 cannot haul the apocalypse beast. Totally agreed it needs to be the other way around LOL!

  • Bucks RC World
    Bucks RC World

    I could watch that velocity blue be layed down on every car, had to order this color on my Bronco....

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    El Pibe


  • Devin McDaniel
    Devin McDaniel

    What happened to your air paint booth

  • Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling Stauffer

    I hate being late for an upload☹️

  • youngboi Sainn
    youngboi Sainn

    I really wanted to see if that f450 could pull that truck

  • frog man
    frog man

    I like watching videos like these, because people like these two are giving vehicles a second chance in life

  • A Stick & 3 Pedals
    A Stick & 3 Pedals

    Little bit more smaller truck gets a raptor

  • Zach Taylor
    Zach Taylor

    I love the videos but i also really enjoy the Musics they have during the time lapse sections especially the song at 19:37. Really killer 👍

  • Daniel williams
    Daniel williams

    The reason why it squats so much is because the trailer is a bumper pull. Now if y’all were to get a gooseneck where the weight is over the truck axle then it wouldn’t squat as much but I totally understand why y’all got the bumper pull because y’all are wanting to put the Gen Y Hitch to work.

  • Nathaniel Fleming
    Nathaniel Fleming

    Hey boys, just a quick tip for towing. Make sure majority of the weight is positioned at the front of the trailer. Positioning the majority of weight directly over the trailer axles or towards the rear can cause dangerous trailer sway. Having a super tall load like the military truck will raise the center of gravity and if it starts swaying too much it could cause the trailer to tip over.

  • Solomon 3
    Solomon 3

    I love the positive energy!

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  • Richard Silva
    Richard Silva

    Could I get a link to that contamination remover from the air lines?

  • Fredrik Holmberg
    Fredrik Holmberg

    Sikkens by Akzo Nobel! The best paint there is!

  • Piotr Kopczyński
    Piotr Kopczyński

    youp, but you've got most of the weight at the end of rtailer so i will swing like crazy... It realy should be other way around...

  • Springfield Bear Patrol
    Springfield Bear Patrol


  • asusreviews

    Deflate the tires to lower it 6 inches

  • Tim Moore
    Tim Moore

    U guys going to fix the rocker panel on drivers side

  • Charles Eballa
    Charles Eballa

    Paint job done 👌👍👊

  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock

    Dang the fruit was flying everywhere there and you smashed this out fast looks cool on the back of the trailer too fantastic look how nice it’s looking it’s looking super fly 👌 amazing work can’t wait too see what’s next man can’t believe how nice that blue is

  • Don Gregersen
    Don Gregersen

    Can you do us a favor and please find better music for your videos thanks truck is looking amazing

  • Jeffry Celeste
    Jeffry Celeste

    Nice guyzz been a while.. shout out jc from taiwan.thank you keep going and ive been waiting for the next vid. God bless. And i miz tom...

  • I have an unhealthy obsession with bts
    I have an unhealthy obsession with bts

    A link brought me here lol

  • Brad Tyler
    Brad Tyler

    Guys don’t want to be negative Nancy but you probably don’t realize what you did to the 450 when you put the leveling blocks in the front end. Totally changed the geometry and payload capacity of that wonderful truck that Ford spent millions of dollars setting it up to be able to do what it can. Remove the leveling blocks and the hitch will come up considerably. You need to be really careful doing what you did. Don’t !! Just put air bags on the truck thinking it will be fine. Think safety for once.

  • j Zl
    j Zl

    Are those Walcom carbonio spray guns? Slick paint job guys👌

  • luis soares
    luis soares

    You can tray the melitery truk pulling the forklift

  • Shawn Geraghty
    Shawn Geraghty

    It is just me, or was there a ton of ads in this video? I'm glad for the guys success, but SLtoos is killing me with the number of ads.

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  • Haiko Christensen
    Haiko Christensen

    In Germany, we say.... legal, illegal, Scheissegal.🙈😅

  • Raheem Taffe
    Raheem Taffe

    Hey where is that new puppy that brown one that you guys pick up any update on him

  • Dave Ellis
    Dave Ellis

    Recorded horizontally:)

  • markmtnfn6

    Good to see your Pops back in your videos. Many of your fans are Pops fans too!

  • Mega Boombox
    Mega Boombox

    The best thing about this channel is. . the brothers take good care of their parents.

  • Ivo Momchilov
    Ivo Momchilov

    Which one of you plays the piano

  • Ivo Momchilov
    Ivo Momchilov

    Who plays the piano?

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  • Stuey 777
    Stuey 777

    What about the damage to the left hand rear door and the sill underneath that? What's happening with that? Also anyone else noticed a massive increase in ads? I think SLtoos has done something because that was more ads than any other squad video i have ever watched.

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    Kidilan vedio mann

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    sihaloho marga hu

    Mantap bro, sukses selalu bro salam dari Indonesia

  • manolis karamolegkos
    manolis karamolegkos

    congratulations does a very good job for his age I watch him every day I am from GREECE I am bmw garage

  • Jesse Krulich
    Jesse Krulich

    Why aren't you guys using the portable paint booth?

  • Robin

    But the driver side rear door is damaged, you guys are not going to fix that?

  • Rich Delgatto
    Rich Delgatto

    What's up with the driver side rocker?

  • Craig Blackmon
    Craig Blackmon

    One thing you guys stopped doing is opening packages from viewers. Love that part. All the blessed neat things you get. Shows people care enough to send what is needed or what they do for work or create . Epic Dude.

  • fulltimber

    I'm surprised you said " centremetre " . In the 1st world country of old imperial feet and inches and pounds

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    frannier garcia


  • herlangaona

    Are they not going to repair the left rear door ?

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams

    Kelderman air lift

  • Brian A
    Brian A

    What happened to using vTuned booth? You guys still friends?

  • Diamond Digger
    Diamond Digger

    Welcome back!

  • jacob wild
    jacob wild

    Put air bags on the f450, drop the tire pressure on the military truck then you’ll be set and legal

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    Jermaine Gordon

    Great energy and flow in this Video!😊 Great work guy's 💪

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    Wittawat Wattanasuparang


  • meso06

    To me that trailor is no good. The wheels are too far back so thr tounge weight be too much.

  • Adam May
    Adam May

    Are you not repairing the dent in the drivers rear lower door?

  • Oscar Martinez
    Oscar Martinez

    Yeah let’s load it up and then measure lol

  • Terry Stearns
    Terry Stearns

    Ohhh come on I was nice enough to wreck itself once. Must you put that Junk back together again...

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    are you looking for 3m sponsorship ? keep flashing the logo.

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    Mark's Snakepit

    How about renaming your channel? Goof squad!

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    Lennert VanSchooten

    you do literally everything on crocks 😋

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    Half Amill Rebuilds

    Great video bros motivational for my channel !!!

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    Weng Sheng Channel

    Sunker 5 time

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  • Steve Dobbins
    Steve Dobbins

    You guys gonna fix the damage to the driver's side rear rocker and door?! That should be done before paint

  • Rob E
    Rob E

    Anybody else curious why they are painting the whole truck, before the finish repairing the driver side rocker panel?

  • Roger Thaine Sr.
    Roger Thaine Sr.

    Dad's Semi is waiting for its Turn. Unusual Build!!

  • Skiridr22

    That’s a big box

  • tazfaninafocus

    You MUST be doing it on purpose now lol. It is not an Escavator. There is not an s to be seen. Excavator. EX KUH VA TOR, say it slowly after me, excavator. Regardless, another really good episode. Can you not make them longer than the average 23 or so minutes? More is better.

  • Frog Dog
    Frog Dog

    No matter color you paint the ford Craptor its still a Craptor. Polish a turd its still a turd!

  • BackerCZ

    Guys be carefull how you load a trailer. Better if the waight is on front not back. When the axels are in the back it is not means you have to put the waight on it. Look at this video: will show you the problem. I think you should have this trailer behind the army track guys 😉

  • blahblah

    The "black primer" is actually called EDP or electro-deposit primer. Mainly to protect raw metal from any corrosion before painting and acts as a base to primer, seal and paint. One tip when painting is scuff, seal and spray a few base coats on the doors or loose panels while jamming out. Then just a quick scuff and you are ready to final paint everything at once. Makes it easier to achieve full coverage of color instead of trying to build up color on the black panels to match. Even when painting entire vehicles, easier to get true depth of color in minimal coats.

  • Jonny Judge
    Jonny Judge

    Fix the Volvo semi

  • Justin Dennis
    Justin Dennis

    When towing trailer. Heaviest parts need to be at front of trailer so trailer doesn’t go into a swaying destruction lol.

  • Mark

    At 20:50 when the do a close up of the paint, doesn’t the new color look bumpy?

  • Daniel Tolomeo
    Daniel Tolomeo

    What a beautiful dog the pup has grown into so friendly and well mannered

  • Mahdi Najafi
    Mahdi Najafi

    it's wrong loading. the most load should be in front of the trailer

  • fs 4ever
    fs 4ever

    What happened to the back door on the drivers side?

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      It appears to be secondary damage, transmitted through the frame and back axle by impact forces which also caused buckling of the outer aluminium panel of the truck bed. The rear driver's side door was closed when the mishap occurred, its surrounding strong steel framework was twisted, and this caused distortion and buckling of the relatively weak aluminium door skin. Such 'displaced' damage is quite common in high energy accidents, which this was. The phenomenon is analogous to that often seen in the human skeleton, for example, where someone falls, straightens their arm out to protect themselves, and the impact forces travel up the arm and break or dislocate the shoulder joint.

  • Jesse Ahmed
    Jesse Ahmed

    You guys are awesome!

  • Ericson Salazar 十
    Ericson Salazar 十

    That blue looks good but I think if you guys had painted it orange it would look pretty sick and more special

  • Kuldeep Giri
    Kuldeep Giri

    Painted over the remaining stickers?? 🤔

  • Lhey Motovlog
    Lhey Motovlog

    Thumb's up to Pop's,He know's all the rules,when it comes to the maximum heights of the trailer.,because He is a veteran trucker😊

  • Bruce Gambill
    Bruce Gambill

    Lighten up on the hand movements, you've been doing it for so long and now way too much.

  • Nalitha Pitigala
    Nalitha Pitigala

    Fun fact... Is soo high in Ur videos loving it 😽🐕🎥

  • dave locke
    dave locke

    Is the driver side rocker smashed? Looks like it when it's on the trailer

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Goonzquad had already noticed the damage to the rear driver's side door when they checked the Copart photographs, prior to purchasing the Raptor on 10th December 2020. They have already bought a new door and plan to fit it soon.


    Dude like really Dude ??????

  • TuffV8s

    Where's the Doberman puppy gone...🤔

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      @TuffV8s Nothing has been said by Goonquad about the absence of 'Chief', but the ill-mannered furore which erupted in the Comments section last summer may be connected with their decision not to feature him any further on their Channel.

    • TuffV8s

      @John Stedman really surprised why they haven't showed him off more? See alot of their magnificent looking German Shepherd but no Doberman Pinscher!

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      The Doberman Pinscher 'Chief' still belongs to the family but is no longer featured on the 'Goonzquad' SLtoos Channel. He did, however, make very brief appearances in the background of two videos recently made at the moutainside property, at the time when epoxy flooring was being laid in the 'HQ House'.

  • BM Vloger
    BM Vloger

    Dammm 🤣🤣🔥

  • Danny Oliveira
    Danny Oliveira

    Super awesome 👍🏻

  • dustsmoke

    Whats up with the drivers side rear door and the skirt area?

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      That damage on the Raptor was caused before Goonquad purchased the vehicle, and they have got a new door to replace the dented one.

  • Aaron J
    Aaron J

    You guys make all of this look so easy! I would without fail find like 52 ways to mess up the paint work. :)

  • TwoWheelingBC

    Anyone else notice the damage at the bottom of the door at 00:41or am I just the only one that missed this in other videos

    • TwoWheelingBC

      @John Stedman sorry I got the time wrong, it was visible within the first few seconds of the video. The passenger side doors are replaced which is what they painted.. but there is no mention of the rear left door being replaced or fixed

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      That damage on the Raptor was caused before Goonquad purchased the vehicle, and they have got a new door to replace the dented one.