The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 87
The last pieces to this huge puzzle are finally coming together! We are now officially setting up the operation for maximum productivity and epicness. This has been one tough project but the result are paying off. We cant wait to have this place fully furnished and start making some awesome content for you guys! Thanks For Watching!!!
-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741
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  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock

    Dang 😍 I appreciate the work that has been put in to get up to this point so much detail each and every part to have a matching scheme though out the house super clean look you guys have the same taste as me 👌 I love clean looking house and that sound bar is especially sick with the iMac my dream set up right there great rig and pops at it again having a lot of fun. You guys putting in the work fantastic

  • Ethan Macheras
    Ethan Macheras

    can't wait to see the tv and how the new chainsaw performs!

  • Jaycob Kuchera
    Jaycob Kuchera

    yall dont need masks no more

  • Crismenos Victor
    Crismenos Victor

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  • Eugene Benga-ora
    Eugene Benga-ora

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  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow

    Pops is a legend! DONE!!

  • jesus romero
    jesus romero

    11:11 CAKES!!!

  • M.

    Best way to build a $3k TV on credit. Hah I love it.

  • Dustin Hansen
    Dustin Hansen

    In case anyone was wondering like I was that restaurant is called Champy's in Chattanooga, TN.

  • Neanderthol


  • rich kemp
    rich kemp

    The ostrich bone is for the dog lol

  • Oliver Westlund
    Oliver Westlund

    Haggle, not hassle

  • Travis Harvey
    Travis Harvey

    Goonzquad keeping with their roots. Doing what they want not caring what people think. Breaking their Crocs crashing the dirt bike in the woods. Who else would do that?

  • D4RR3N_1809

    Never mind getting a new cat, i'm still wondering why you never show your doberman puppy that you got in any of your videos after people told you not to clip his ears. You never answer questions about where he is either or ever talk about him. Whats the score there? Do you still have him? Did you actually go ahead and clip his ears and don't want the backlash. We need answers boyyysss..

  • vabeachkevin

    23:15 I thought all the appliances were Samsung, not LG

  • MrFad72

    Hi, I would also like to take an Apple please

  • Jamie Bedford
    Jamie Bedford

    Pops got skills with head balance haha

  • Brian A
    Brian A

    I guess there are people that don’t buy everything on Amazon

  • Dale Bell
    Dale Bell

    When I get rich I’m gone pay you guys to build me a house idk y you guys don’t do contracts

  • Dale Bell
    Dale Bell

    Tell your dad I like he’s dancing when y’all was leaveing

  • GaLoS

    OLED picture quality is unmatched!

  • Bryan Ruiz
    Bryan Ruiz

    Are they planning on getting some sound shells? Would be perfect for their garage and living area

  • Gabriel Remke
    Gabriel Remke

    Credit cards are not a good investment

  • Cisco Mkd
    Cisco Mkd

    Where is the "early start late in the day" tshirt lol

  • Kvision25th

    I mac .. :(

  • Ttrain Playz
    Ttrain Playz

    Just so you know a glass desk gets really messy

  • Jason Parker
    Jason Parker

    where's the Doberman pup?

  • Pacific Fleet
    Pacific Fleet

    Yea a cat or in this case a kitten thats a outdoors cat on the mountain in the woods. You do that, feel bad for any cat to live there, see how long itll be till the cat wount come home cuz it got fkin eatten by a bear, coyote or even bit by a deadly snake. Yall grownups on paper but mentally yall still teens.

  • Václav Horníček
    Václav Horníček

    LG stands for LeGit, that's why you gotta have it.

  • عبود متنوعة
    عبود متنوعة

    ممكن دعم يا اخوان فضلا وليس امرا (مغترب في المانيا)

  • Andrew Richerson
    Andrew Richerson

    Surround sound basically😂😂

  • Zach Swanson
    Zach Swanson

    Your right about the cat situation it’s best to train a kitten than a cat like dogs you can’t train a older dog you have to train a puppy

  • Jonathan Sheffield
    Jonathan Sheffield

    If you ever get in the market for a snake you should definitely follow @neurotic_exotics on Instagram

  • Steven Sempels
    Steven Sempels

    Crocc's are feetkillers! Dont use them!!!

  • Uday Verma
    Uday Verma

    Which song did they play on the speaker

  • RC Geeks
    RC Geeks


  • doe dollaz
    doe dollaz

    Anybody that dis like these boys just hating

  • Brennon Robacker
    Brennon Robacker

    my cat had kittens got u on a cat in iowa!!😂

  • Jarrar Rizvi
    Jarrar Rizvi

    “Personal protective device”???? A weapon🤦‍♂️

  • Dave Spencer
    Dave Spencer

    haggle...not hassle...

  • TheCamaro5

    you guys should have gotten the milwaukee chainsaw

  • Kevin Gallagher
    Kevin Gallagher

    Please adopt or rescue a kitten!

  • bootska

    “Headquarterrrrrrs” “Super limited” “Early start” “Late in the day” Almost at bingo less than 2 minutes in.

  • Davi Clar
    Davi Clar

    That wood floor looks like crap. But that garage floor is outta sight!

  • Anthony Mendoza
    Anthony Mendoza

    Where’s the dobie?

  • Aron Duquette
    Aron Duquette

    You guys were talking about the spiral staircase being slippery a few episodes back.... What about black roll on truck bed liner instead of grip tape? Looking sweet!

  • Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling Stauffer

    I would’ve recommended an all-in-one printer vs just a regular manual printer. In the long run, the all-in-one printer is going to be better

  • gautam sinha
    gautam sinha

    Guys what is the name of the last song that they play on their speakers, anyone ?. Goonsquad buddies :) ?

  • Billy Gaming 2
    Billy Gaming 2

    If I had the apple iMac I would put it in my gaming set up and the house is 🔥

  • Trü Ter
    Trü Ter

    3:34 Almost got taken out by a tiny ninja

  • Cody G
    Cody G

    Me still trying to figure out the math that was used on the 4x4 crocs that ripped xD

  • Connor Maxwell
    Connor Maxwell

    “She gonna be using it on you”😂😂

  • Noesknows1

    So do these guys still fix cars?

  • Roy

    Is the desk in front of the washer and dryer hookup?

  • mohd yazid
    mohd yazid

    so boring..

  • Ben Anter
    Ben Anter

    song name 24:50 ?

  • Kerry Juntunen
    Kerry Juntunen

    So great! Well done.

  • Ahmed Faraz
    Ahmed Faraz

    Does anyone knows the name of that music (25:00)

  • Charles Eballa
    Charles Eballa


  • Peter Reingold
    Peter Reingold

    I think you're going to want to turn that desk around. Most people like to work with their back to the rear wall, facing the rest of the room. That way the person working does not stare at a wall all day.

  • Retro Meatball
    Retro Meatball

    man i absolutely love this channel but dude really needs to shave that lil dust bunny he has growing on his chin

  • Travis

    walks into BestBuy, drops like 10g.

  • Bill Mahan
    Bill Mahan

    Build the grill. You have enough rock to make one

  • JC


  • Yvon Dubinsky
    Yvon Dubinsky

    I love what you do, but what is the fascination with getting the most expensive of everything. I mean really how much tv are you really going to watch, yes the TV is cool but practically it was a waste of money. I personally think you guys are getting way to into how much everything costs. I know you probably make millions off SLtoos and your merchandise but tone it down just a bit. Keep up the shows, like I said I love seeing how your lives play out.

  • Dave Classick Jr
    Dave Classick Jr

    How do you get an early start on the video, late in the day??? This makes no sense


    The new office should be called the mullet room. Business in the front party in the back!!!

  • Adam Hartmann
    Adam Hartmann


  • Caleb Leatherberry
    Caleb Leatherberry


  • Vicarious Air
    Vicarious Air

    Curious what happened to the Doberman...

  • TruJeepers OffRoad
    TruJeepers OffRoad

    Gosh you guys killed it!! Loved the video

  • Micah Wessman
    Micah Wessman

    At least the wife wears a mask. I can’t count how many times I’m kinda triggered with them out in stores either not wearing them at all or around their neck. And all the contractors that worked on the house didn’t seem to wear them either. Big channels should help influence good behaviors until we are past this pandemic IMO.

  • JUAN

    you went pretty cheap on the office furniture

  • wrxsubaru02

    Your dad always making me laugh. lol

  • Jax Moran
    Jax Moran

    Dude, that was vibrating my phone

  • Tina Mccroy
    Tina Mccroy

    Thank God the house is almost done

  • Edilson Carneiro
    Edilson Carneiro


  • Brian Williamson
    Brian Williamson

    You guys satisfy my materialism for me. because I can’t afford any of this stuff 😂

  • Josh Bower
    Josh Bower

    Oof, LG soundbar. Mine only lasted 9 months and they DID NOT honor their 1 year warranty. Never buying LG again.


    What is "building credit"? I don't live in USA, where I come we don't use credit cards really...

  • Ricky Bennett
    Ricky Bennett

    You would have saved a ton of money on ink with an Epson eco tank printer.

  • Daniel Demarest
    Daniel Demarest

    I knew they were idiots but I didn’t know they were this dumb. There’s thousands of animals in need of adoption and you’re going to go to Petsmart? Assholes

  • Affiq Aqmal
    Affiq Aqmal


  • Sergio Aguilar
    Sergio Aguilar

    Finally got my hat

  • Hamersley’s page
    Hamersley’s page

    I swear every time I try and get a hat they are always sold out 😭

  • Daniel Tolomeo
    Daniel Tolomeo

    Looking really good brothers well done 🇦🇺🇦🇺👍👍❤️❤️

  • David B
    David B

    Get a kitten. Easier to train to your house

  • Hoaxyy

    You should’ve definitely picked an “older” cool cat

  • AirBobby

    Me when I get my stimmy

  • Ken E
    Ken E

    It’s called haggle not hassle

  • Day in the life of Dave
    Day in the life of Dave

    Please paint the breaker box cover white then everything will be perfect

  • Sousa Sem Zê
    Sousa Sem Zê

    I hope Mac with 4k will mean 4k videos in the future!😊

  • Milan Kennivé
    Milan Kennivé

    Is english pops’ birth language?

  • Daniel Hill
    Daniel Hill

    Do you both live together with your partners in one home?

  • gabe blackmon
    gabe blackmon

    When are the car videos coming back tired of seeing the same thing demo ranch is doing

  • Jaxen and Farah
    Jaxen and Farah

    They should make a really cool treehouse

  • Kirara

    They're building a house with gold trims, have a bunch of expensive cars and pickup trucks and can't spare $400 for a chair so they go for the stained display one.

  • mahmoud elruby
    mahmoud elruby

    tons of > yes dude

  • Khi

    What song is that at the end tho??? 🔥🔥🔥

  • Polia R
    Polia R

    Am a bit surprised that you didn't go for a professionnal printer with toner (on long term it's less expensive than ink printer). Nice to see that the house is taking shape well =)