Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 10
This has been an absolute blast!!! This 2019 Ford Raptor is getting worked on as fast as we can possibly go and it is coming together. We finally finished up all of the bodywork and even managed to save the entire bed from the truck. The very next step is to get it all wet sanded and prepped for the painting process. We still have a good bit of work on our hands but this thing is going to turn out epic!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Dylan Drews
    Dylan Drews

    You should pull the new trailer with the military track

  • Gavin Flood
    Gavin Flood

    Why don’t you post the music anymore

  • bigshafe

    You're going to run out of tongue capacity before you get anywhere near the trailer GVWR.

  • Stephen Belchunas II
    Stephen Belchunas II

    That is a real nice trailer, but why not get a goose neck trailer? The truck would have handled it better than a conventional tow trailer...

  • Gamaliel Hernandez
    Gamaliel Hernandez

    @8:20 what it looks like when 5.0 shuts down a party lmfao

  • Brien Golden
    Brien Golden

    Daaannnnnnnnnngggg Soooooooon! Ha! Love it bros! #salutefromOhio

  • Paul Montagner
    Paul Montagner

    Hey dudes thats a nice truck your fixing your house looks amazing the stone work is awesome ! It nice to see a few young guys having a go with sucsess in life your inspirational videos are well done! Cheers from Australia!

  • El Pibe
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  • J Sol
    J Sol

    What happened to the blow up paint booth??

  • Bucks RC World
    Bucks RC World

    thats gotta be a great feeling passing final inspection, congratulations goonzquad.

  • 123 Rusty
    123 Rusty

    No way / the wheels are to far back on that new trailer load that trailer and it will be to mush load on the truck

  • vincem5

    gotta say America is the land a awesome trailers. super range and high quality. nothing but cheap rubbish in Australia!

  • Dave Johnston
    Dave Johnston

    Congrats on the final, its a great feeling.

  • JC

    You guys have gotten way too good at everything haha much love from Ft Lauderdale 💯

  • Shane Hurenkamp
    Shane Hurenkamp

    Why are you guys mixing different paint systems ? Your using a 1K single part primer under a 2K paint system. Your going to have problems down the track.

  • Honda Hooligan
    Honda Hooligan

    Thank god for Ad blockers.

  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock

    You knocked this bed out super fast guys your aweosme looks sick 👌 now and like the Ford ranger the writing is red and background is black so you could go this theme but instead of red go blue dark blue would look sick and congrats on the pass on the house inspection nee you guys could do it you smashed it out of the water

  • Duane’s W9 Garage
    Duane’s W9 Garage

    What happened to the Portable paint booth?

  • C B
    C B

    Chattanooga choo choo!!

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    Charles Eballa


  • Shawn Geraghty
    Shawn Geraghty

    Congrats on the final inspection. I'm sure that is a huge relief. Enjoy.

  • juggie v
    juggie v

    Is Thomas staying at Mom and Pops or is he going to the HQ? If he goes to the HQ he will become king of the jungle out there!

  • Doug Dale
    Doug Dale

    Did you guys forget about the drivers side passenger door? Clearly some damage there.

  • The Guy From WI
    The Guy From WI

    Please give pops reaction to doing something like this LOL! My dad would snap and i'm a grown man.

  • Mike Mocon
    Mike Mocon

    The Gladiator crawled way better than that Ford junk.

  • Tyler Price
    Tyler Price

    Glad to see Thomas back on the videos!

  • Weng Sheng Channel
    Weng Sheng Channel

    10 time say sunker

  • tzford133

    May I ask why you didn’t go with a gooseneck in a trailer that size they tow so much nicer just curious if there is a reason you went with bumper pull

  • Cody Cahoon
    Cody Cahoon

    You guys should have bought a gooseneck

  • Brad Domangue
    Brad Domangue

    I bet passing that inspection is a big relief!

  • Garlan Minton
    Garlan Minton

    Congratulations on passing inspection yall! 💪

  • cbrf3

    You should EBrake while loading or chock the wheels. All that weight rocking on Parking Pin isn’t good

  • Assassin715

    Should have gotten a 5th wheel. F450 is only rated for 21000 pounds for bumper pull.

  • Christopher Mercer
    Christopher Mercer

    We need to get their views back to 1 mil each video!

  • Marius Feru
    Marius Feru

    I absolutely never comment on SLtoos , I need to this time . I wish you guys the best , you simply deserve it , you always make me strive for more . You’re an example for all of us . Marius from Romania

  • t rob
    t rob

    CONGRATS happy for you guys a lot of work house looksfire

  • t rob
    t rob

    Thomas the qc cat good job Thomas

  • Dragan Zeta
    Dragan Zeta


  • Harold Boyer
    Harold Boyer

    You guys are awesome, I was very excited to received a orange Hoodie from my daughters ,the last one...

  • Ivan Cruz
    Ivan Cruz

    Y’all should build a huge garage at the new house with a paint booth in it

  • Got Ammo
    Got Ammo

    This video is about trailer review.

  • ggjflyguy

    light the Ford emblem up, LED's

  • R6

    theres a big crease in the driver side rear door

  • John hobbs
    John hobbs

    I would recommend that you installed a heavy duty winch. My friend has almost the same style trailer. He uses the trailer to pick up cars from Copart and IAA.

  • Frank Bob
    Frank Bob

    That V6 sounds so anemic, this Raptor needs a V8.

  • The_Cammed_Beast

    Paint match all the ford letters for sure 👀

  • dooner1979

    Alcoa wheels on the trailer to match the truck, You gotta mod the trailer too!

  • David

    U need to spray wax where u ground off the primer.

  • Ingvar

    prime it before seam sealer dudes, lol.

  • Onder Uyanik
    Onder Uyanik

    Merhaba t-shirt istiyorum sıkı takipcinizim


    Hey guys , great videos!!! Just one question for you: Aren't you guys going to repair that left rear drivers door along side of the bottom edge because that substantial damage really stands out with that factory blue color???

  • justin richardson
    justin richardson

    Drinking game....... anytime they say dude take a drink. Lol get ready to blackout

  • K Red
    K Red

    WE need to rename your show to the "Carbon fiber Squad"

  • Ryan Morgan
    Ryan Morgan

    So... did anyone else notice when they high centered the truck, they bent the bottom of the drivers side back door???? 21:15

  • Sterling Stauffer
    Sterling Stauffer

    I hate being late for an upload😢😡

  • joe dirt
    joe dirt

    you should not fix the tailgate like the GMC's. That will be your signature moving forward

  • Navin Persaud
    Navin Persaud

    You guys are the best at what you do.....

  • JAL Hellcat
    JAL Hellcat

    Ya sounds like a pathetic V 6 that it is...🇺🇸

  • Smile Wrld
    Smile Wrld

    Buy a Cheap car and go crazy with the modifications

  • Rory Singh
    Rory Singh

    awesome content

  • Davis Johnson
    Davis Johnson

    You should get timbrens for the 450. Handle the weight without squatting Love the content!

  • Eric Gregory
    Eric Gregory

    Did yall check to see if that bumper pull on the ford will pull that weight without it being a fifth wheel or gooseneck?

  • kedrick fleming
    kedrick fleming

    love the cat it's cute, I wish I had one.

  • Diesel Boy
    Diesel Boy

    you guys should've got a gooseneck instead.

  • TheSportster06c

    Congrats on passing your final inspection

  • TheSportster06c

    Now you need an electric winch mounted on your trailer for one of them just case times we all have.

  • Will Pittenger
    Will Pittenger

    Once you have the weight of Big Bertha and your trailer, you'll have to check the maximum tow ratings for your trucks.

  • Tony Wahab
    Tony Wahab

    Congrats on the milestone!

  • Apache Chase Roadrunner
    Apache Chase Roadrunner

    Billy and Simon are the original fast & furious on rebuilding car's and even home's . Two thumbs up for these brothers.

  • Lucas Keppler
    Lucas Keppler

    You might want to paint that trailer again that powder coating doesn't hold up.

  • Darrell Huisman
    Darrell Huisman

    I think y'all should wrap the Raptor in a Raptor theme.


    Hay guys you spoiled us by doing a video every day now its every 2 to 3 days we need our fix lol keep us in mind we have nothing else to do

  • Journeytomydreamcars

    Smashing out this build the car is really starting to come together


    Don't know why they have stopped mentioning background music links..

  • Nathaniel Mathies
    Nathaniel Mathies

    Why do Americans always have timber floors on thier trailers?

  • Nathaniel Mathies
    Nathaniel Mathies

    That trailer is going to throw a lot of weight up on the ball. Axles need to be way further for me and my purposes.

  • Peerel

    Są Polaczki cebulaczki tutaj? XD

  • Gaspadin

    I wonder when a wrecked Porsche would make its appearance, perhaps an older 911? That would be a dream come true

  • Nero Pytherios
    Nero Pytherios

    I really enjoy watching the Goonzquad. You guys are awesome! I even enjoy re-watching past builds. My fav is the Mustang build.

  • David Wade
    David Wade

    Congratulations on passing the House inspection. That F450 has been the workhorse of your channel 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • 3d guy247
    3d guy247

    I always like the positive vibe. Keep it up.

  • Azan MB
    Azan MB

    Dangggggggg sonnnnn 😁

  • Phil Tucker
    Phil Tucker

    Congratulations on finally getting house passed! I’m really looking forward to seeing you move the family in and starting the new shop build with the “chauffeur’s lodge” up top dudes! Best wishes from the UK & stay blessed! 👍😊🇬🇧

  • Gustaf Gagge
    Gustaf Gagge

    oh no! an ants nest in the tailgate!

  • Steven Beatty
    Steven Beatty

    Buddy loves his carbon fibre, holy

  • Michael Magill
    Michael Magill

    Congrats for your passing the occupantcy test you did a great job all over and your Dad did an amazing job of healping outlasting the new sod down and redoing the siding and water making equipment was really worth it for keeping water for all that needs it Greap Job!!

  • Readybreckrides

    There’s damage to that rear drivers side door at the bottom

  • yung__goonie37

    Congratulations on passing 🎉

  • Noah Branton
    Noah Branton

    You need to rebuild a helicopter

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Goonzquad intend to begin the process of attempting to repair their Robinson R22 as soon as is practical. There are many strict regulations which have to be followed if the aircraft is eventually to be Certified Airworthy. Furthermore, if either or both of the brothers themselves wish to attempt to obtain the Licences required to operate a rotary-wing aircraft, they will first have to undertake and pass a tough intellectual and practical course. Flying a helicopter is considerably more challenging than operating a fixed-wing machine, and demands that a large number of skills be learned and Examined.

  • John Stedman
    John Stedman

    It is excellent news that Goonzquad have successfully completed the Code Inspections for their moutainside house, and they will now be looking forward to receiving their Certificate of Occupancy. Eleazar and his wife will be relieved that they can now move in and set up their home, and will be anticipating many happy years of life in this enviable location!

  • Edward Kotter
    Edward Kotter

    Congratulations your expectations on your house that you passed congratulations I know you're thrilled about it I'm thrilled to saw gratulations again Pros God did it

  • Wymen Daniels
    Wymen Daniels

    Word of advice get a 2” ratchet strap for those ramps and bind them down because they bounce and make all kinds of noise when your rolling down the road.

  • Mit Emluh
    Mit Emluh

    Love it guys! So cool all the things you guys are doing!

  • Luis Frias
    Luis Frias

    Congratulations guys good deal

  • Daniel Jimenez
    Daniel Jimenez

    Didn’t they own an Inflatable paint booth at one point?

  • Trenton Holland
    Trenton Holland

    Simon how are you also how are you Billy hope yall have a blessed day I had to come back and watch this vid

  • V_Roc071

    Next pet for the channel. An aardvark 😅

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      @V_Roc071 😁

    • V_Roc071

      @John Stedman 😂

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      Devious animals, aardvarks. They chose their name just so they could be on the first page in dictionaries.

  • WyoJim

    Should of went to the auto action for trailer would be more content.

  • bubba gump
    bubba gump

    Elevating the edit game! Nice...