Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 8
We got some awesome news! As we move right along with this ford raptor build we are learning so much! As we mentioned before, most of the body panels are all aluminum and pretty difficult to work with. However we are learning so much in the process and this is opening up a new whole new dimension in the rebuilding game. The raptor is getting worked on as fast as we can get parts and things are just flowing. We cant wait to show you guys whats next!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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    El Pibe


  • Thunder Road
    Thunder Road

    Can’t wIt to see that Raptor done. Love those pickups

  • JC

    Carbon flares for sure 😍

  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock

    Damn that looks sick and looks quite easy to fit the mew bed panels on super duper and Dang those rotors are huge for the Audi pops loving them for the Audi dang I can’t stop looking at them.

  • JJ Huynh
    JJ Huynh

    @goonzquad what’s the song called at 4:53?

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    Po Terekia

    Goonzquad you ''rock''...👍👌🇨🇰

  • Kevin Lyon
    Kevin Lyon

    HL3Z-17C754-BPTM or HL3Z-17C755-BPTM is the part number for the headlight molding for the 2019 Raptor. It is in stock... Dealer is FOS!

  • Gamaliel Hernandez
    Gamaliel Hernandez

    With brakes that big only tells me one thing...sis can’t drive and needs all the stopping power she can get Lmao!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Leek Mitx
    Leek Mitx

    Stop talking with you hands

  • Adam Powers
    Adam Powers

    Y’all ever going to fix that dent in the Denali tailgate? 😂


    Carbon fiber flares

  • Motor Dan
    Motor Dan

    Can somebody tell me what is the name of the music they play at 8:15 ??

  • alexsander pereira
    alexsander pereira

    If you guys can't ger parts from ford in their own turf imagine us in Brazil after they fled for delivering shitty cars with broken powershift and dated technology. Ford owners here are screwd

  • Michal Materzok
    Michal Materzok

    Build A7 on 22" wheels. I have A8 on 22" and looks amazing

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    Thapelo Senna

    Hello from South Africa 🇿🇦 🇿🇦

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    Edilson Carneiro

    Fala galera cadê os vídeos da picape

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    Pentti K. Huttunen

    someday, make a interview with your dad. I would like to know how he ended up in the USA and etc

  • Maurice Fancey
    Maurice Fancey

    Keep up the good work

  • BodyManZach

    when using panel bond spread it to cover all the bare metal completely and then run another bead ontop. with exposed metal it will corrode and eventually seep under the panel bond and it will end up separating

  • Sean Arens
    Sean Arens

    Big question what year is it?

  • UncleTio

    Fam I hope yall get the wrap done on the hellcat and them rims got me hype like I don't see them everyday 💯💯💯

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    Edilson Carneiro

    Top top🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🤜🤛

  • Legend

    Ford OE HL3Z17C754BPTM - Front Right Grille Molding more details on - That's the grille surround part number!

  • Carz n Carz
    Carz n Carz

    I thought the rotor was a flywheel

  • Max Henry
    Max Henry

    Screw the carbon fiber. Spend the money to get the right tools so you don’t use cheesy home depot rivets. Thats terrible you guys. You’re millionaires, quit acting like cheap, greedy, bastards.

  • Curtis Ferrier
    Curtis Ferrier

    Funny too watch this guy talk on mute lol

  • Neil Loughlin
    Neil Loughlin

    Thanks for the heads up on Jet Black and for providing the contact info. That is helpful stuff!

  • Bethoven Estudillo
    Bethoven Estudillo

    I love your build especially all the trucks that's only a dream to have one for me her in Philippines more power to your guys God bless.

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    B Martin

    New drinking game: take a shot every time Simeon does a karate chop in front of the camera.

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    The DocMack Car Channel

    Real nice video, have been watching your channel for 4 plus years

  • Tyler T
    Tyler T

    Don't go carbon fiber, too played out.

  • Geno 740
    Geno 740

    The headlight trim part y'all are looking for should be Ford OEM Part number HL3Z-17C754-BPTM. its under Grill & Components in the OEM Fiche pictures!

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  • boyce1204

    Check out paintless dent removal

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    michael nnielsen

    Audi is the shit

  • michael nnielsen
    michael nnielsen

    I would like too com and meet you too....of you would be okey whit that!!?

  • Roberto Jaime da Roza
    Roberto Jaime da Roza

    Is Pops losing some weight? And Simon bandaged at the closing, hmmmm? Great job guys, Raps almost done.... Can’t wait to see the Goonzsquad Raptor finished..... Ford should offer you guys a version of the latest Raptor. Always great to watch the family doing stuff in a vid, even Momma G! I enjoy her vids too, been cooking her dishes. Stay great guys.

  • Drunken_Monkey360

    All this extra work because the truck in aluminum. Aluminum trucks aren't trucks. Lifted cars

  • Yamaha Raptor
    Yamaha Raptor

    @goonzquad. you need to take it to the next level now by doing engine mods, forging the audi engine , new pistons, rebuild it all and make it fast! You guys should also start tuning your own cars as well! Loving the raptor build so far !

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    Brian Dale

    That hoodie is Chick's.The girl's will love that one!

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    Rainbow Cookie

    5:00 I like that song what is it called

  • Mike Mocon
    Mike Mocon

    I can't believe the hot glue didn't work

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    MERCA !!!!

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    18:16 - thats a nice Guitar :P

  • Alex Kincaid
    Alex Kincaid

    OEM flares but color match them.

  • Scott Ellis
    Scott Ellis

    Hey guys try drilling the back of the A post with a small hole saw and knock it out from the back of it ? It gets covered with a panel section anyway

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  • Kam Edwards
    Kam Edwards

    Can One see cheap junk, through smoke and mirrors?

  • Howard Meyers
    Howard Meyers

    Wear is vido 9

  • Kam Edwards
    Kam Edwards

    When are you boys going to 'get that bird in the Air'....?

  • Deepak Siva
    Deepak Siva

    Bro there is one product works with electrical power it will stick on that body and if you pull it that will come out

  • Steven Knapp
    Steven Knapp

    Should definitely wide body the audi

  • sven balliu
    sven balliu

    why dont you respond to my mails??? i want this truck....

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    Kuldeep Giri

    Try heating it next time

  • CM Storm Chaser
    CM Storm Chaser

    Go Carbon fiber, it always looks cool.

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    Lison Mendis

    Where background music links 🤔🤔

  • Mike.Bz06

    Color matched flares and bumpers!

  • Ram 123abc
    Ram 123abc

    where is the part 9

    • Ram 123abc
      Ram 123abc

      I like YOU BUILD that ford f150 raptor

  • Dominykas

    no need for the carbon fiber flairs

  • John Stedman
    John Stedman

    Fans of affordable but quick mid 1990s sports cars should check out Scotty Kilmer's latest video "3 Old Cars You Should Buy" in which he puts a Corvette, a Miata and a Supra through their paces. The star is the Toyota, which has an aftermarket turbo the size of Kim Kardashian and puts out 1,250HP (at the wheels!). Scotty recently moved to Nashville, only 150 miles from Goonzquad, so maybe a collab would be an interesting idea. How about a Build-Off with Simeon and Eleazar against Yuri and Scotty?

  • Alexander Bergman
    Alexander Bergman

    You guys should do a mat gray wrap on the audi a7 with black front, and some yellow details. That would look sick dudes!!

  • steve A
    steve A

    With the amount of adverts iv sat through on this video you can definitely get the carbon flairs😅

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    Dude surfs up dude here comes a set of waves. Keep up the great work and good luck

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    Drop a like if you got the new iPad Pro add I did

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    Brian, Sweeney

    So excited can't wait for the next video dudes 👍🏻

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    Brian, Sweeney

    How's the new garage coming along dudes 👍🏻

  • Brian, Sweeney
    Brian, Sweeney

    Carbon better beautiful look can't wait

  • Brian, Sweeney
    Brian, Sweeney

    Super cool dudes 👍🏻 epic restoration to the raptor looking amazing awesome 👍🏻 😁

  • bbksk

    Song name from 9:00 please

  • Thomas Tevis
    Thomas Tevis

    I think u can use hot water for dents

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      We mostly use an electric heat gun for warming up aluminium prior to removing dents. It's usually more controllable than using water, especially on vertical surfaces. Care has to be taken on A-Pillars and in similar situations to avoid causing thermal cracking of any adjacent glass, which needs to be protected with a water-soaked blanket. In the case of the Goonquad Raptor, we probably would have pulled the windscreen just to be safe. Some experienced guys use a propane torch (usually the small ones that are designed for Chefs) to make aluminium soften, but that needs a lot of practice and care to avoid melting the metal.

  • Thomas Tevis
    Thomas Tevis

    Awesome videos sorry I’m sooo late

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    D.J. Mitchell

    ..........that music again. Lol. Sounds like a atari game lol

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    Stop saying duuudeee 😂💀💀💀

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    Jerome A

    More of Pops is definitely a must!

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    Trevor Taylor

    It’s amazing how much Pop’s confidence has risen since being involved in the house build. Great to see him on board with his unreal sense of humour as well.

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    love you only one

    Hi good video keep going🧡❤💯👍🤝🙏

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    I’ve been trying for years to get merch and always miss out :(

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    Sharon Marie

    I’ve been hooked on this channel for a few years now. It’s amazing how you guys capture such a wide variety of viewers. I’m 60 and live in Oregon and love seeing the progress done on your projects! I do miss the house renovation though. Talk the ladies into starting a SLtoos channel and have them show the decorating 😊 👍🏼 I’ll be the first subscriber 😎

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    Sean Phelan

    Have y’all thought of making the bed a dump bed?

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  • aaah tex
    aaah tex

    **SWEET MAMA!!!**

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    Your dad is very cool

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    warm up the bends with a heat gun makes it more softer comes out lot easier

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    Did you say Harbor Fright, lol. Never heard that, so true.

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    Gavin Nimsara

    Bro can u give another supra video.🏎 waht happened to their technical issue.

  • James Darnick
    James Darnick

    So the headlamp filler piece is a back order part when I work in the body shop at Ford it took us 6 months to get one so many of their parts are on back order

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    your mom looks so sweet and shes always smiling!! I love it!!!

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    Great to see Pops on the job. Keep up the good work G zuad. love the builds

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    Barkanelli ChasingDreams

    Just think the way you do things are unique and always work hard. You keep working your way around not always having the right tools! Why dont you make your own tools? Saw someone working on Cars and other stuff. He made made different tools to make himself a craftmanship with metal:)

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    Great build just sub. Keep up the good work 👍🏻

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    15:32 Does anyone remember the old funny video... Banana Phone! :-p

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    Akiyl 1/16

    If you want you copy one of these or cop? Cop I believe lol

    • John Stedman
      John Stedman

      "Cop" is right! It's been used in the UK for many years as a slang verb to mean "get, buy or obtain".

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    Whats the name of the beat playing 11:47 ??

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    Everything these guys dropped are limited lmao 😆😆


    lay off the Red Bull guy! Holy moly

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    damn watching this without adds makes it 10x better

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    They talk more than they do anything... gonna be like 20 videos before they complete this truck... Literally a whole video here to pull a tiny dent on the pillar 😑

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    You guy's awesome man, very talented. And y'all energy is amazing. Glad I subscribed.