Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford Raptor Part 3
We are finally ripping this thing apart!!! This 2019 Ford Raptor has been involved in some sort of unusual accident which left it totaled out. Although it took a good lick, we are excited to see the extent of the damage after tearing into it. We have some awesome plans for this build and here soon were gonna make it all come together! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Sergei Alekseev
    Sergei Alekseev

    Take off side panel from the bed - 25 minutes of SLtoos time…. And 5 ads…. Every 5 mins….

  • Michael Gold
    Michael Gold

    What’s the first video everybody saw on this channel???👏👏

  • Michael Gold
    Michael Gold


  • 789costela

    Viper is perfect as is !

  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock

    Dang this is cool ☺️ that was so easy to take bed off the truck aswell as the panels off the bed looking forward to this one

  • robert mckeon
    robert mckeon

    hi guys love new build my favourite colour. how about designing some work wear save getting your clothes dirty

  • don earl
    don earl


  • David Kelm
    David Kelm

    vetty gooed

  • K Brown
    K Brown

    7:24 its not "me and pop" its "pop and I" no im not a grammar teacher

  • Magnus Söderberg
    Magnus Söderberg

    I do wonder if you got the drivers license in the cereal package...

  • Pream Lapress
    Pream Lapress

    I'm Cambodia. I like that ❤❤❤

  • Action Movies
    Action Movies

    Please don't fool the viewers. If you are going to rebuild then do it, stop talking for the entire video and doing other things aside from the build.

  • Jason Swift
    Jason Swift

    Just repair it to stock and maybe do some nicer rims in 18" and some engine work don't put wanker body kits on it and lift it more etc etc you will destroy the ride quality and make it unroadworthy.

  • Brandon Stone
    Brandon Stone

    Take that camaro to DRI in flinstone and let Sam cam and tune that bad boy!! He’s the best in the area

  • steven stevo
    steven stevo

    LOVE THE BOYS but wondering why they dont sell the completed projects and i would be cool to disclose the matrix of original cost plus fix and did they make a profit like Wheeler Dealer, but im so hooked from Melbourne Australia

  • Crow Zombie
    Crow Zombie

    Get that viper fixed forget new builds fix the ones you already have!! Love the channel

  • M

    Anybody else think they should do a Calvo build on the Viper?

  • M

    Jesus Christ 😂, how long has that Supra been sitting there 😂

  • Panda players
    Panda players

    You guys talk to much

  • hugoausbayern1234

    boys got dealer nr plate....coool

  • Atanasiu Lucian
    Atanasiu Lucian

    Hy boys.........i am watching u fron Bucharest - Romania, S-E Europe......i love your work, and i want to give u guys a nice job : build your own car from zero and name it Gunz..............what do u say ?

  • Morgan Howlett
    Morgan Howlett

    Definitely go for the ACR wing on the Viper. It looks REALLY good with ACR kits.

  • nacho58

    There is so much more dialog now. I Remember when there was A LOT more doing and less talking. Get back to that cause this is killing me.

  • avg

    Hiii guyss can someone tell me what is a keyboard warrior?

  • George Touzis
    George Touzis

    Sorry kids, you talk too much.

  • SxmTech

    Ohh yeah Audi time. Pops for the win always come in clutch.

  • Bklyn Aj
    Bklyn Aj

    Build it to be a 6x6

  • xtn's youtube
    xtn's youtube

    Cool project! Do you guys consciously TRY to say "dude" so much while you're recording? Or do you both really just have that strong of a habit to do it?

  • fiemark domosmog
    fiemark domosmog

    Ive been watching goonzsquad since the blue jeep rebuild😁

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  • Star Buck
    Star Buck

    I like the videos... make sure you wear your safety glasses whenever drilling or hammering :)

  • clinton caspa
    clinton caspa

    Viper can never be registered that’s why they stopped with it


    hi goonsquad I have an idea for the Honda 2000. a question first can you drift? why do you make the red Honda a real drift car and you can also do everything from advertising your garage and also your brother's construction company. free advertising and with the Honda you can do competitions from drifting to sometimes advertising for the garage. so not a street legal car but a race track.

  • MrGixxer1300r

    If you are adding a cam to the ZR1 call texas speed they are the ZR! experts for street or race performance.

  • Bill Wasylenko
    Bill Wasylenko

    Depends if the new bedside has the holes in it already then u prob have to get the tool. If it does not... u could always just glue it in place and put a couple regular rivets in places u can’t see. Or use rivets and glue all over and bodywork the seams so u can’t tell

  • mobile gaming
    mobile gaming

    Flat bed it

  • Bill Wasylenko
    Bill Wasylenko

    Is the shop able to Tune the computer after installing a cam? It will not run right without tuning the computer. Prob won’t idle.

  • Anthony Mejia
    Anthony Mejia

    It’s the clutch

  • Wisam Car show
    Wisam Car show

    There is problem in clutch in 2:28

  • Ferdinand Bähner
    Ferdinand Bähner

    Music at 22:20 back talk - the Night driver

  • Ray Patterson
    Ray Patterson

    Are you selling the raptor rims and tires stock

  • Mustang Mojo
    Mustang Mojo

    Aye man not saying pops is old or nothing but put the camera down and you lift the heavy weight my friend.

  • Mr. Dababy
    Mr. Dababy

    This reminds me of a 1220CM fence falling on a Ford during football practice it was white and rust was scraped in on there

  • Hayden Moynihan
    Hayden Moynihan

    A cam upgrade on the zl1 would be amazing!!

  • desiree jackson
    desiree jackson

    Stop moving ur hands so much over acting bluid the car homie

  • Mr Riding
    Mr Riding

    DUDE I like it very much DUDE DUDE so sick DUDE yeah DUDE

  • Arifnurhiday4t

    where is tommm??????

  • ruben cruz
    ruben cruz

    Blue Collar Kyle also has a video where he splices in the exact same section that you need to repair in the cab. watch it and save yourself some time and grief.

  • ruben cruz
    ruben cruz

    watch Blue Collar Kyle on youtube. he has put these back together using rivets, a rivet gun and some body bonding glue of some sort. no special tool needed. please watch his F150 aluminum bed work video.

  • Shawn Adams
    Shawn Adams

    I’m hoping you guys make this raptor a long travel truck 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎸🎸🎸🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • Jason Hovey
    Jason Hovey

    Send the ZL 1 to Faster Proms

  • randoff32

    Do you know why ford is making new heated tailgates? So when your pushing it home in the winter your hands stay warm.

  • Charles Kloentrup
    Charles Kloentrup

    What is happening with you commercial shop that is being built ?

  • The DocMack Car Channel
    The DocMack Car Channel

    You guys should really replace the Viper Windshield. It is a collectors item and you don't want things flying inside the cabin if the lamination gives up . I love the color of the Viper.

  • Darwin Calliou
    Darwin Calliou

    Super charger period lol 🤟

  • Darwin Calliou
    Darwin Calliou

    Dam son

  • Sniper Fish
    Sniper Fish

    Nice rip off name

  • Sand King
    Sand King

    2/3k for a cam??? 🤣

  • Abner G.
    Abner G.

    Bigger turbos is a must 100%

  • Jamal Smith
    Jamal Smith

    Go to HNRob rivet guns .com in Livonia Michigan. My name is jamal Smith I am from Detroit Michigan and I am one of your biggest fans keep up the good work you motivate me to become a rebuilder just like you

  • Master of Gamesss
    Master of Gamesss

    I need to send u something

  • Master of Gamesss
    Master of Gamesss

    Which state do y’all live in

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller

    I would look into the PR-5 Riveter by prospot.

  • Greg Nixon
    Greg Nixon

    All the auto rebuild videos that I’ve seen on SLtoos have eroded any hope that I had of finding a quality used car. “You never know what you’re gonna get.”

  • The vigilante
    The vigilante

    Just love this channel...make me go crazy countless times or moments without food 🤣🤣🤣🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪👍🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼❤️🔨

  • Azhar Ansari
    Azhar Ansari

    Kaha margay thy tm dono

  • Reverse_Aid 07
    Reverse_Aid 07


  • YSKGlitz

    NOT A TECH???!!!, how do u guys work on cars?????

  • Isawong Siricharoenpanich
    Isawong Siricharoenpanich

    show new garage.

  • mohammad sadique
    mohammad sadique

    hey when are you gonna paint that wheel on the viper

  • Gu Wop
    Gu Wop

    Goonzquad what happened to the Z??? I don’t think you guys fully finished it.

  • Tommy Clement
    Tommy Clement

    I’ll pick up and drop off. I’m an otr truck driver.

  • Ted Riley
    Ted Riley

    You guys still haven't replaced the windshield yet on the Viper it's all busted up

  • Cristal Jimenez
    Cristal Jimenez

    Let me know my husband is a hot shot driver he will bring it to u in a day

  • Michael Hartloff
    Michael Hartloff

    Glad to see you guys are past you're bob the builder stage

  • Ye Aung
    Ye Aung

    A little over acting

  • John Matheson
    John Matheson

    When did you do the dodge viper? 😍😍

  • Allen Sampley, Jr.
    Allen Sampley, Jr.

    I think it's time to replace that windshield on the Viper before the cops pull you over and give you a big fat ticket

  • Harrison Carter
    Harrison Carter

    This guy is so fucking douchy

  • Cristian Esquivel
    Cristian Esquivel

    I’m sure if you use aluminum spot welds it would be just as strong if not stronger than those rivets and you won’t have to spend 5 grand on the tool. You guys have weld aluminum spot welds are not to difficult to do. Just a suggestion Great videos by way.

  • Diesel Lover
    Diesel Lover

    Do a giveaway and hook me up with a diesel

  • Randall Huls
    Randall Huls

    $300,000+ plus of Vehicles outside, rickety Fishing boat in Garage, PRICELESS!

  • Maverick McQuay
    Maverick McQuay

    Is it just me or should they get a wrecked Dodge Ram so they can have all three main trucks

  • Salvage Survivors
    Salvage Survivors

    Billy: idk I'm not a technician.. Everyone: *thinks about all the cars he helped build on the channel*

    • Angel Lopez
      Angel Lopez


    • Barkanelli ChasingDreams
      Barkanelli ChasingDreams

      He is off course techinian. What the brothers have done is awsome:)


    my guys!!!!!!!

  • allenochi

    I build helicopters but am not a technician so let's get the shop guy to replace this car clutch

  • eric ward
    eric ward

    Flatbed raptor

  • Chaney Ihe
    Chaney Ihe

    Is it expensive to get a windshield replacement for a Dodge viper is that why you guys haven't replaced it yet its been almost two years

  • Ford Ranger2004
    Ford Ranger2004

    I feel bad y’all paid 1000.00 for stock raptor springs. Most people throw them away.

    • Ford Ranger2004
      Ford Ranger2004

      I did lol.

  • All Things Idaho
    All Things Idaho

    Get a wide body kit for the raptor

  • Christian Morriswilliams
    Christian Morriswilliams

    What's funny is that I saw a raptor same color and all 2 days ago.

  • kris gendreau
    kris gendreau

    Keep up the good work guys! Can’t wait to see the Ferrari finished up! Also the vipers Ta style wing is clean the acr wing is just too over the top hope y’all can get the wheels powdered all the same colour soon!

  • Ty Cerget
    Ty Cerget

    flat bed

  • James Meehan
    James Meehan

    Y’all should open up a used auto sports car sales place. It would most likely be the best one in all of Tennessee, definitely would have the most badass nicest cars

  • James Meehan
    James Meehan

    What ever happened to that one build y’all did where you used the Chevy Cobalt engine and parts to complete the build. I loved that build but I don’t see it sitting in the background of any of the newer videos or anything. Do y’all sell them builds when your done with them ?

  • Steve Purbrick Actor
    Steve Purbrick Actor

    Milwaukee make blind SPR tools that AREN'T five grand.

  • Oscar Gonzalez
    Oscar Gonzalez

    Lmfao everything pretty dang limited 😂

  • Dheo Fugado
    Dheo Fugado

    Why is it vipers windshield is crack again?

  • Kumardagreat G
    Kumardagreat G

    Bring that viper to calvo Motorsports !🙌🏾

  • Dheo Fugado
    Dheo Fugado

    Thats just the release bearing worn out already. Not so serious.